first big photo of the interns. last Sunday. miss them. such a great group of Jesus lovers and world changers. 10days was too short a time.

DFC Internship.

soo recently, my church had its first internship program. now i know what you’re thinking, “a church w/ an internship program? what? how even…?”

Capes and swords, camouflage, bandannas and six-shooters—these are the uniforms of boyhood. Little boys yearn to know they are powerful, they are dangerous, they are someone to be reckoned with. How many parents have tried in vain to prevent little Tommy from playing with guns? Give it up. If you do not supply a boy with weapons, he will make them from whatever materials are at hand. My boys chew their graham crackers into the shape of hand guns at the breakfast table. Every stick or fallen branch is a spear, or better, a bazooka. Despite what many educators would say, this is not a psychological disturbance brought on by violent television or chemical imbalance. Aggression is part of the masculine design; we are hard wired for it.

…The boy is a warrior; the boy is his name. And those are not boyish antics he is doing. When boys play at war they are rehearsing their part in a much bigger drama. One day, you just might need that boy to defend you.

— John Eldredge, “Wild at Heart” (via modernageviking)

if this isn’t the cutest thing i’ve seen in awhile. wow. it almost makes long distance relationships seem desirable. this guy is just the coolest. 

on the daily: 7.21.14

: woke up at 6AM cause the little nephew fell off the top bunk haha. *he’s fine though.

: poured bowls of cereal out for me and the big nephew, but there’s no milk. so we sat at the table eating the cereal with out hands.

: spent an hour with the big nephew learning how to put on skinny jeans without our hands. *not as hard as it looks haha.

: gymgym w/ jemjem. *snuck my nephew into the gym with my back up card lol.

: 3hour basketball workout.

: now, it’s spam + rice + eggs for dinner caause no one else is home besides jemjem and i.


I was sitting on a New York City rooftop at night listening to Me by The 1975 and it was so powerful.

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What/who do you associate with me?

I’m curious. What are the, say, top 5 things you associate with me?

Can be a tumblr user, a book, movie, character, actor etc.

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so my nephews are back for a couple weeks and they’ve been staying with me in my room. my bro made us go to bed early but i don’t think iori can sleep cause he keeps waking up lol. i’m here tumblring and he just keeps snorting himself awake hahahah. man. i’ve missed these guys. many a person have been figurative little brothers, but these two are the closest i’ll ever get to real little brothers. love the mess out of them. lazy days of pizza, Netflix, and insanity lay ahead of us until they go back home.

“When I lost hope, when I lost my faith, when I found rock bottom, that’s where I finally met the Lord. I couldn’t see Him in ceremonies, or sermons, or dusty old Bible books. But I could see Him plain as day at the bottom of that dark hole I dug for myself, and I’ve seen Him every day since.”
— Unka Glen (

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Right now I am feeling SO many emotions but the strongest and most relevant is THANKFULNESS.
Praise Be To God

glad you’re back and tumblring haha.

please pray for this awesome girl, enfoi . she’s one of the nicest, sweetest people i’ve ever met. also one of the best friends i have. she and her family went through a horrible accident and your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

we care so much about you alexis. please get better. we all love you and are praying for you. i can’t emcee without you, girl! all of us here are praying for you and here to help your family in anyway.

*you know lately, i’ve found myself thinking about the possibility of never getting married. that there’s a legitimate possibility that there isn’t someone out there for me. and you know what? i’m beginning to realize that i’m actually fine with that chance. because why force something that isn’t meant to be? why settle when there’s a life that’s potentially more fitting and better suited for who i am? i think that’s something a lot of youth don’t understand and can’t come to grips with. they can’t comprehend how God can be more than enough. if God wants me to be single and monk-ish, i know for sure that God and i’s relationship will be stronger than ever as i find myself with him. if anything, these past few days and week have shown me how i’m not ready for a relationship. soo i guess it is what it is. but future wife, if you’re actually out there, i love the thought of you and i love the thought of actually being able to love YOU.




*interventions and lullabies. such a great album.